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Supply Chain

Total number of Framework/Long Term Agreements

% Of projects with Procurement Plans done

Total Number of staff with responsibility to sign a request

Average monthly forecast of logistics expenses

% Of In kind Donation with a donation reference


Monthly total number of Request

% Of Requests presented in ad-hoc regular meetings.

% Of Requests correctly filled and with enough technical specifications

% Of Direct Purchase processes compliant and correctly archived

% Of Negotiated Processes compliant and correctly archived

Average needed time to process and complete a tender

% Of orders fulfilled on time

Total monthly expenditure

Transport and Deliveries

% On time delivery

% Items damaged in transit

% Items lost in transit

Average cost per kg/m3

Average cost per kilometre

Total cargo transported in time frame (kg/m3)

Average delivery time in days

Number of Freight Forwarder / Custom clearance Agents identified

% Of movements without Delivery and Reception Notes.


Number of staff with responsibility over the stock

% Of stored products included in inventory management systemCost per m2 of covered storage space 

% Of stock lost due to theft, spoilage or damage

Number of stock outs per month

Average % of floor m2 space used per month / Average m3 used per month

Average time to release stock after pick order received

Number of pest controls per month

Average temperature / Average humidity

Number of temperature alerts 

% Of unused stock (out of contingency or more than two years/projects old)

% Of products not damaged or not compliant with specification upon receipt at facility

Fleet Management

Total number of vehicles

% Of movement planned in advance

Total number of driver trainings

% Of operating hours vehicles are fully booked

% Of vehicles with the necessary tools

% Of vehicle logbooks filled correctly

Total number of maintenances per vehicle in a month

Average fuel consumption (ltr/km) per vehicle per month 

% Of transport request met vs needed

% Of vehicles that meet the mechanical and safety standards 

% Of fuel and rental/owned expensed budgeted


% Of equipment correctly codified and labelled

Total number of equipment items

% Of equipment in use

Number of old/obsolete/broke equipment dispose following the organization policy

Information and Communication Technology

Average backups done per month

Total communication cost per month

% Of movements without coverage during a part of the trip

% Of computers with official software license


Total power needed

Average hours without power

Number of power backup system in place

Average power back up maintenance per month

Total electricity cost

% Of equipment powered with stable voltage

% Of installation properly earthed