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Other modes of transport especially valid for emergency situations and remote under-developed areas are:

Inland Waterways and Rivers

Where road and rail transport are not possible due to lack of infrastructure it may be necessary to transport goods by river, delta, marshes, canals or other form of inland waterways. The mode of transport will be informed by the nature of the inland waterway, including depth, water current, necessity for speed of delivery, and ability to load/offload at remote locations and destinations.


There may also be large riverway shipping operations on vessels capable of carrying relatively large volumes of cargo. Utilizing third-party riverway shipping should be treated the same as utilizing any local third-party transport.


Any goods being moved via animal must be packaged in relation to the weight that the particular animal can safely and humanely carry. There are many possible variations of available local animals depending on geography, climate, the local economy, and a variety of other local conditions. Speaking with a local expert is strongly advised when developing an animal delivery plan.