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Lines of Latitude – Lines of latitude are horizontal lines that stretch from east to west across the globe. The longest and main line of latitude is called the Equator.

The Equator is represented as 0° latitude, while the north and south poles are both represented as 90°. The space between the equator and the poles are evenly distributed between 0 and 90.

Latitude lines are expressed as 0-90° North (N) and 0-90° South (S), written as (example):

  • 32° N

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Lines of Longitude - Lines of longitude are vertical lines that stretch from the North Pole to the South Pole. The main line of longitude is called the Prime Meridian.

The Prime Meridian is represented as 0° longitude, while vertical lines east and west increase incrementally until 180°, making 360° in total.

Longitude lines are expressed as 0-180° East (E) and 0-180° West (W), written as (example):

  • 163° W