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Related to Personnel

  • Manipulation of the evaluation criteria after the opening of the tender.
  • Contracts awarded by single source or non-competitive process.
  • Requirements defined in a way that only a specific manufacturer or supplier can meet.
  • Multiple purchase requests started in close proximity for similar requirements to avoid boundaries threshold.
  • A staff member does not separate duties.
  • Excessively narrow or wide specifications.
  • Officials do not delegate their responsibilities or they refuse to go on vacation.
  • There is no clear information on the presentation of offers.
  • Inadequate documentation (no PR, OC, CBA and GRN).
  • Overly friendly relationship between a provider and a persons conducting procurement.
  • Unusually high exemption rate.
  • Tender announcements scheduled to match with holidays.

Templates and Tools

Template TEMPLATE - Bid Matrix.xlsx

Template TEMPLATE - Purchase Order.xlsx

Template TEMPLATE - Purchase Requisition.xlsx

Sites and Resources

  • Sphere Project, Handbook (2018)
  • International Review of the Red Cross (2016). Principles guiding humanitarian action.
  • CALP The Cash Learning Partnership (2018). Minimum Standards for Market Analysis (MISMA)
  • ECHO, European Commission Directorate General for Humanitarian Aid (June 2019). Guidelines grant/contribution agreement with humanitarian organisations
  • ECHO, European Commission Directorate General for Humanitarian Aid (May 2020). Framework partnership agreement with humanitarian organisations
    • ANNEX III; General Conditions
    • ANNEX IV; Rules and procedures applicable to Property, Supply, Works and Service Contracts Awarded within the Framework of Humanitarian Actions Finance by the European Communities
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  • WFP, World Food Programme, (2020). Goods and Services Procurement Manual
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  • ACF, Action Against Hunger; Supply Chain guidelines
  • PARCEL Project 
  • Humanitarian Logistics Association (HLA) 
  • Core Humanitarian Standard 
  • Universal Logistics Standards in Humanitarian Logistics (ULS)