Job description 


Logistics Assistant


Assist in management of daily logistics tasks.


Main Duties/Responsibilities :


  1. Checks all invoices for logistics services against service requests made from the logistics office. Verifies, summarizes and submits invoice package to the supply/logistics officer for certification.


  1. Submits payment requests for logistics services. Allocates various costs to the requesting programmes. Requests funds from programme budgets to enable payment.


  1. Monitors the status of incoming international supplies, status monitoring and correspondence with the central Supply Division.


  1. Liaison with users/customers in order to organize reception of goods. If goods are not going directly to user/customer, the assistant will organize safe reception in the organisations warehouses


  1. Supervises the day to day activities of the organisation-appointed clearing agent. Keeps them informed of all inbound shipments and ensures that all documentation necessary for clearing is provided to the forwarder. Follows up with the central supply office for provision of exemption requests.


  1. Monitors and summarises all expenditure and provides activity report to the supply/logistics officer.


  1. Processes logistics requests from programmes and ensures follow-up action completed.


  1. Executes additional administration tasks at the request of the supply/logistics officer.


  1. Provides goods status reports to concerned programmes and to the logistics unit at national level.




Education :

University degree. Preferred in Business Administration, Management, Transport or related field. Requirement can be waived in lieu of appropriate direct experience in logistics activities.


Work Experience :

Five years of professional work experience in logistics management at the national level.


Competencies :

  1. Proven analytical and written presentation skills and ability to communicate to a number of internal and external stakeholders.


  1. Excellent mathematical skills and attention to detail.


  1. Ability to identify potential problems before they occur. Proactive in preparation and uses initiative in response.


  1. Ability to manage day to day interactions with contracted external service providers and analyse their performance.


  1. Demonstrated capacity for self-organization.


  1. Computer skills, including internet navigation, and various office applications.


  1. Demonstrated ability to work in a multi-cultural environment, and establish harmonious and effective working relationships both within and outside the organization.



Fluency in English, plus others required by the organisation


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