Job description 


Senior Supply Officer


  1. Participates in the strategy planning preview and reviews meetings and in the preparation of Plan of Operations and Plans of Action to advise on supply requirements. Develop Supply component of the Country Programmes or emergency response, including systems for storage and distribution of supplies to all project sites.


  1. Responsible for logistics/supply planning through coordination with Operations/Programme Sections.  Provides technical advice on specifications supply and logistics arrangements facilitating efficient procurement, clearance, storage and distribution of supplies and equipment, in support of the country programme and/or emergency response implementation.


  1. Establishes and maintains contacts with central Supply offices, on supply procurement and shipping policies.  Interprets and advises the country office on policies and procedures impacting on international and local procurement and delivery.  Maintains links with central supply office on transnational shipments, deliveries, claims and appropriateness of supplies.


  1. Conducts market research, identifies and recommends potential local suppliers.  Maintains data on and evaluates local supply sources' overall performance, (competitive pricing, product quality and timely delivery).  Assesses supply operations and control mechanisms and advises on appropriate actions.


  1. Manages the Supply Section, supervises staff in the preparation and implementation of the Section's workplan.


  1. Oversees the overall preparation of appropriate documentation


  1. Supervises international and local procurement, as required.  Acts as secretary and adviser to the central tender committee.  Establishes and maintains a system of contact with customs and immigration authorities at national ports of entry on the clearance of the ORGANISATION supplies, in keeping with established protocol.


  1. Undertakes field visits to project sites and sub-offices, to monitor supply inputs and proposes actions on improving logistical procedures.  Prepares trip reports for the head-of-office.


  1. Designs and conducts training for ORGANISATION's staff/consultants and counterparts in supply management, in order to improve supply delivery.


  1.         Ensures preparation of supply status reports required for donor reports, budget reviews, programme analysis, annual reports, appeals, etc.