Terms of Reference 


Customs Officer


R esponsibilities:


  1. Assists in the implementation of the supply component of the Country Programme or emergency response, including a system for the procurement and distribution of supplies to all project sites.


  1. Assess all entry points


  1. Familiarise with to all major border crossing points.


  1. Meet with Agencies and Local authorities to gain an understanding of local Customs policies and their application.


  1. Obtain or document the “application of customs procedures”. Identify shortcomings and bottlenecks.


  1. Analyze customs procedures of the affected country and countries bordering the crisis area. 


  1. Keep the organisation informed on standard customs procedures 


  1. If required, negotiate facilitation measures with national or local authorities.


  1. Meet with the Central Customs authorities in the affected country to review existing customs regulations, if need be in emergencies


  1.         Advise the organisation on main customs issues affecting operations.


  1.         Elaborate and record the customs procedure(s) as implemented in the affected country.


  1.         Maintain a paper trail for future reference