Transport/Logistics Officer


Job Profile

Within delegated authority, the Logistics Officer will be responsible for the following duties: (These duties are generic and thus not all inclusive nor are all duties carried out by all Logistics Officers.)

  1. Define logistics strategy within the organisation policies and procedures and ensure effective integration of logistics operations.


  1. Advise on logistics management and structures and staffing levels to ensure that they are at all times adequate to meet the requirements of the logistics strategy.


  1. Organise, lead and participate in Regional Logistics Meetings including the local transport committee.


  1. Manage logistics operations including all logistics assets in order to ensure timely and cost-effective delivery of organisation cargoes.


  1. Identify, mobilise resources, implement and report on special logistics operations.


  1. Ensure that accurate and complete accounting, reporting and internal control systems are functioning and that all relevant records are maintained.


  1. Ensure effective Land Transport Storage and Handling (LTSH) management including regular LTSH reviews.


  1. Ensure effective commodity management and quality control.


  1. Ensure adequate logistics preparedness through contingency planning and continuous logistics preparedness reviews.


  1.         Coordinate logistics operations with other organisations in the area.


  1.         Manage organisations field fleet security arrangements and coordinate any evacuations.


  1.         Support logistics staff in other offices.


  1.         Supervise staff as required.


  1.         Perform other related duties as assigned.



- Working knowledge (proficiency/Level C ) of Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian or Spanish

- and Limited knowledge (intermediate/Level B) of another official organisation preferred language, Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish or Portuguese.

- Limited knowledge (intermediate/Level B) of English is required under all circumstances



Supervisory : At least 3 years of progressively responsible professional experience in shipping, freight forwarding, trucking or other logistics/transport operations

Officer : At least 5 years progressively responsible professional experience in land, shipping or air transport and logistics/transport operations.

Manager : At least 7 years (3 of which international) progressively responsible professional experience in land or marine transport.

Senior Manager : At least 10 years (4 of which international) progressively responsible professional experience, both in the field and Headquarters and transport and other organisation fields of operations. Supervisory and managerial experience



University Degree in Business Administration, Transport Management, Supply Chain or other related fields.


Other Skills

Advance University Degree. Basic computer skills. Level C in a second official organisation prefered language.

Qualified female candidates and candidates from economically developing countries are particularly encouraged to apply.

The organisation has zero tolerance for discrimination and does not discriminate on the basis of HIV/AIDS status.