SDI Light Assessment Form: Aerodromes (airport, airfield, airstrip, heli zone)
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AERODROME INFORMATIONSource: Logistics Cluster
General Information
NameAssociated town/village
ICAO DesignatorIATA designator
Waypoint numberElevation (m)
Focal Point Details
Accessibility Details
Has Road Access (Y/N)Has Railway Access (Y/N)Has Waterway Access (Y/N)Has Mb Phone Coverage (Y/N)
Describe any problems with accessibility (effects of rain, etc.)Has VHF Coverage (Y/N)
Operational Details
Aerodrome Type (check one)Humanitarian Use (check one)Security (check one)Aerodrome Class (check one)
AirportEntry PointGoodInternational
AirfieldPrimary HubMarginalDomestic
AirstripSecondary HubPoorAerodrome Authority
Established heli landing zoneFinal Delivery PointHas Trafic Control (Y/N)Civil private
Improvised heli landing zoneOther Significant LocationHas Wind Sock (Y/N)Civil public
Largest Landed AircraftMilitary
Describe cargo handling capabilities
Take Off and Landing Area (TOL) Details
TOL Type (check one)Operational Status (check one)Damage (check one)Repairs Type (check one)
RunwayOpenAppears intactRepairable locally
Helicopter Landing Zone (HLZ)RestrictedAppears damagedRequires external expertise
HLZ Type (check one)ClosedAppears destroyedNot repairable
Purpose-builtIs Under Construction (Y/N)Surface Type (check one)Surface Preparation (check one)
Sports field/parkRunway HeadingPaved/ConcreteNatural Compaction
Agricultural fieldGradient - specify +/- degreesGravel/MurramTraffic Compaction
RooftopUsable Length (m)Dirt/SandEngineered Compaction
Car parkWidth (m)GrassUncompacted
Open landHas lights (Y/N)
Describe Hazard to Navigation
Aerodrome Notes