SDI Emergency Assessment Form - Airdrome RunwaysSource: Logistics Cluster
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Fill one runway form for each runway direction and attach to main airdrome form
Airdrome Name/ICAO/IATA (as per main airdrome form)
Runway Heading - Ex. 27RSee Runway-ID details and SOPs in the Airport Booklet.
Published Length (M)Has lights (Y/N)
Usable Length (M)Has approach lighting system (Y/N)
Width (M)Has instruments Landing System (Y/N)
Gradient - specify +/- degreesHas Hazard to Navigation (Y/N)
Pavmt. Class. NumberHazards to Nav. Notes
Has Turning Bays (Y/N)
Turning Bay Radius MHas Wind-sock (Y/N)
Turning Bay Localization Wind-sock location
Surface (Check)Condition (Check)Operational Status (Check)Damage (Check)
PavedCompacted - smoothOpenAppears intact
GravelCompacted - roughRestrictedAppears damaged
Dirt/SandUncompactedClosedAppears destroyed/collapsed
SteelSnow/IceUnder ConstructionRepairs (Check)
WoodEst. Time for Completion of Construction WorkRepairable locally
GrassRequires external expertise
Repairs Description.Not repairable