SDI Emergency Assessment FormSource ID:Source: Logistics Cluster
Name/WaypointPhoto NbrPassable by what kind of traffic? (check all that apply)Status (check one)Damage (check one)Repair Type (check one)Bridge Type (check one)Bridge Base Material (check one)Bridge Surface Material (check one)Has Bypass (Y/N)Total Length (in meters)Minimum Passable Width (in meters)Max Load (if known, in metric tons)Overhead Clearance (in meters)General Security (check one)Description
Common bridge name (if any) and waypoint number: Example: Tallahatchie/019Record photo number applied by the camera.Truck + Trailer (>20 T)Heavy Truck (<20 T)Light Truck (<10 T)4WD (<3.5 T)MotorbikeNon-motorized TrafficOpenRestrictedClosedAppears IntactAppears DamagedAppears DestroyedRepairable LocallyRequires External ExpertiseNot RepairableArchBeamTrussFloatingSuspensionCulvertWoodConcreteStoneSteelPavedGravelDirt / SandSteelWoodGrassGoodMarginalPoorUse this field to record other information you think useful.