SDI Light Assessment Form: PortsSource: Logistics Cluster
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General Information
NameAssociated town/village
Waypoint numberLocation
Admiralty Chart Number DesignatorAdmiralty Pilot Number
Port VHF FrequencyPilot VHF Frequency
Focal Point Details
Accessibility Details
Has Road Access (Y/N)Has Railway Access (Y/N)Has Waterway Access (Y/N)Has Mob Phone Coverage (Y/N)
Describe any problems with accessibility (effects of rain, etc.)Has VHF Coverage (Y/N)
Operational Details
Port Type (check one)Number of EntrancesMax. Length at Berth (m)Humanitarian Use (check one)
Sea portLength overall turning circle (m)Max. Depth at Berth (m)Entry Point
River portAir Draught (m)Max. Draught at Berth (m)Primary Hub
Lake portDry Season Depth (m)Tidal Range (m)Secondary Hub
BeachingWet Season Depth (m)Has Anchorage (Y/N)Final Delivery Point
BankTidal Range (m)Has Lightening Services (Y/N)Operationally Significant Location
PierDescribe Mechanical Handling Equipments
Operational Status (check one)
OpenDamage (check one)Repairs Type (check one)Security (check one)
RestrictedAppears intactRepairable locallyGood
ClosedAppears damagedRequires external expertiseMarginal
Is Under Construction (Y/N)Appears destroyedNot repairablePoor
General Handling Aspects Description
Port Notes