SDI Light Assessment Form: WarehouseSource: Logistics Cluster
Source ID:Page of
General Information
Associated Town/VillageWaypoint Number
Focal Point Details
Accessibility Details
Has Road Access (Y/N)Has Railway Access (Y/N)Has Waterway Access (Y/N)Has Mb Phone Coverage (Y/N)
Describe any problems with accessibility (effects of rain, etc.)Has VHF Coverage (Y/N)
Operational Details
Total Storage Capacity (mt)Humanitarian Use (check one)
Total Storage Capacity (m2)Entry PointFinal Delivery Point
Total Storage Capacity (m3)Primary HubOperationally Significant Location
Temperature Control Storage Cap (mt)Secondary Hub
Temperature Control Storage Cap (m2)Security (check one)Damage (check one)
Temperature Control Storage Cap (m3)GoodAppears intact
Number of Warehouse UnitsMarginalAppears damaged
How Many Warehouse Units of Each TypePoorAppears destroyed
SiloOperational Status (check one) Repairs Type (check one)
ContainerOpenRepairable locally
Open StorageRestrictedRequires external expertise
ConcreteClosedNot repairable
Rubb Hall/ WickhallIs Under Construction (Y/N)
Warehouse Notes