Aircraft Characteristics 1Source: Unicef
(1) Usable runway length: This is the legally sttipulated runway length required for the aircraft. The usable runway is the length of runway that can actually be used by an
aircraft. The actual runway length required may vary according to crew abaility, the charter comany's operating prcoedures and fuel availability
(2) Cargo Weight: This is the maximum weight that can be carried allowing for fuel. It may vary according to the quantity of fuel that needs to be carried
(3) Unloading Gear Required: Whenever it is possible for the cargo to be palletised it is preferable to use unloading gear such as fork lifts, scissor lifts etc. This greatly
speeds up loading and unloading. If however lifts are not available some planes can be unloaded by hand or by people standing on steps. For some planes, however, it is essential
to have lifting gear as the entrance doors are too high for manual loading
(4) Ground Power Unit Necessary: Only those planes where ground power units are essential are indicated. It is, however, advantageous for there there to be ground
power units if an airstrip is going to be used for any length of time in case either Auxillary Power Source or battery system in the aircraft fails
* Unloading gear would be an advanyage and would reduce unloading time if cargo is palletised, however it is not essential
Aircraft TypeFuel TypeCruise Speed KnotsUsable Runway length(1)Cargo Weight (Lbs) (2)Cargo Volume Ft3Door Height and Width InchPallet Size InchPallet QtySide or rear loadingUnloading gear required (3)Minimum strip surface requirementGround power unit necessary(4)Container type
L-100-10 Commercial HercJet-A12754300250004500108x12088x108/1186RearNone*Any Dry Hard surfaceNoOpen Pallet
L-100-30 Commercial HercJet2804300400006057108x12088x108/1188RearNone*Any Dry Hard surfaceNoOpen Pallet
L-100-20 Commercial HercJet2754500370005300108x12088x108/1187RearNone*Any Dry Hard surfaceNoOpen Pallet
L-55 LearjetJet4604500SideTarmacNo
Westwind 1124Jet45049001190SideTarmacNo
F-28 (Propjet)Jet3805200150003400SideTarmacNo
F-27 (Propjet)Jet240600074001980SideTarmacNo
L-188 Electra (Propjet)Jet310600032000370078x14088x1088SideHard MurumNoAll
C-141BJet4406300400004500106x12388x10813RearNone*TarmacNoOpen Pallet
C-5Jet436770013000013000150x22888x10836Front & RearNone*TarmacYesOpen Pallet
DC-8 51FJet480800061000SideTarmacYes
DC-8 54FJet480800085850SideTarmacYes
DC-8 55FJet480800097000SideTarmacYes
Helio CourierAv Gas1306101200140SideNoneAny Dry Hard surfaceNo
Turbo PorterJet1426201400100SideNoneAny Dry Hard surfaceNo
Cessna 185Av Gas1301400900SideNoneAny Dry Hard surfaceNo
Cessna 206Av Gas13015001100SideNoneAny Dry Hard surfaceNo
SkyvanJet1301500350078072x72SideNoneAny Dry Hard surfaceNo
Beach 99Jet22517505000SideNoneHard MurumNo
Beach 18Av Gas13518002500285SideNoneAny Dry Hard surfaceNo
Beachcraft King Air B200Jet13018002500SideNoneAny Dry Hard surfaceNo
CaravanJet17019002500340SideNoneAny Dry Hard surfaceNo
DC-3 Turbo PropJetSideNoneAny Dry Hard surfaceNo
DHC-6 OtterJet1601900350050650x56SideNoneAny Dry Hard surfaceNo
Dash 7Jet2252200113002100SideNoneAny Dry Hard surfaceNo
Cesna 414Jet2002400SideNoneHard MurumNo
Cesna 421-CJet1852400SideNoneAny Dry Hard surfaceNo
Cessna 421-C (Propjet)Jet1852400SideNoneAny Dry Hard surfaceNo
Casa C-212Jet19525004000RearNoneAny Dry Hard surfaceNo
C-130Jet2802700250002000109x2388x1085RearNone*Any Dry Hard surfaceNoOpen Pallet
Dash 8Jet250270085001400RearNoneTarmacNo
Ilyushin 76Jet4302800750008300RearNoneTarmacNo
C-46Av Gas1503000120003300RearNoneAny Dry Hard surfaceNo
DC-8 61FJet480800083000SideLiftTarmacYes
DC-8 63FJet480800094000SideLiftTarmacYes
DC-8 73FJet4808000102000SideLiftTarmacYes
DC-8 70Jet480800085000SideLiftTarmacYes
Antonov -124Jet4501000030000030000173x238AllRearNone*TarmacYesAll