As per the air carrier Standard Operational procedures (SOP), the Pilot in command (PIC) has complete discretion concerning:

  • The preparation of the Aircraft for flight.
  • The loading of the cargo.
  • The flight of the Aircraft.
  • The load carried and its positioning in the aircraft.
  • For reasons of flight safety, whether or not a flight shall be undertaken or abandoned once undertaken.
  • Any deviation from the proposed route, where landing shall be made and all other matters relating to the technical operation of the Aircraft in so far as it is necessary for the safety of the Aircraft or its crew, passengers or cargo.

          The PiC shall promptly notify the Charterer and/or the Log Officer of any decision taken by him in the exercise of such discretion which may materially affect the due performance of the relevant flight.

          The Pilot in Command (PIC) shall verify all necessary documents including the airway bill, cargo manifest, passengers manifest (if applicable) and complete the general declaration.

          The PIC is in charge of the flight planning. Requests for clearances of those countries which are over flown are the responsibility of the Carrier (Operator).

          The PIC shall do the utmost to respect the landing time at the destination airfield such as requested by the Charterer and the AMO.