UNHAS or WFP-HAS is a common service provided by WFP to serve and provide the Humanitarian Community with safe and reliable air transport services during humanitarian emergencies.

Check the UNHAS Local office   for more details about it and about its current operations .

WFP-Aviation also provides direct air support to WFP Logistics by providing aircraft for food distribution where and when there is no other option available to get the food out to the beneficiaries.

WFP-Aviation bases its rules and regulations, staff qualifications and aircraft chartering procedures on the United Nations Common Aviation Safety Standards (AVSTADS). The AVSTADS have been agreed by The World Food Programme (WFP) and the Department of Peace Keeping (DPKO) under ICAO guidelines. The system has an in-built flexibility to cover new and emerging requirements in the area of United Nations Aviation

WFP has been tasked by the United Nations General Assembly to provide all Passenger Air Supports to all UN Humanitarian Agencies. All future contracts for passenger services and the management of the operations will therefore be handled by WFP Aviation in the form of a UNHAS or WFPHAS operation.