Recommendations for a Generic Basic First Aid Kit

-Remember to do a basic first aid course and know how to properly use all items in your kit.

-Check the expiration date of the items in your medical kit and replace if approaching the expiration date.

-Remember that airlines have limits on the volume of liquids allowed and some surgical scissors/EMT shears will not be allowed in a carry-on bag.

Suggested Items

Adhesive bandages, various sizes

Sterile dressings, small and large

Conforming roller gauze bandage

Triangular bandages

Packs of sterile gauze pads, large and small

Adhesive tape, 3-5cm width

Medical grade non-latex gloves, M and L

Hand sanitizer gel

Antiseptic wipes


Anti-bacterial ointment

Cold pack

Small Scissors


CPR breathing barrier, such as face shield

Face masks, 3-ply simple surgical masks

Pain and fever reliever.

Malaria Self-medication (ask your doctor for advice).  

Anti-diarrhea medication

Antacid (for upset stomach)

Anti-fungal cream


Fluid with electrolytes (an oral rehydration solution (ORS))



Insect repellent

Lip salve

Water-purification tablets or other purification device

Baseball cap or hat

Extra pair of glasses or contacts

Any prescription medications that you might need