TMS Excel Version 1 (2007)
NOTE: This report is within the list of reports necessary for AFRO to assess the program in the region and other indicators regarding VPD and surveillance activities. It has to be sent on quarterly basis to IST who will analyse it and send it to WHO/AFRO every six month. This measure has been decided during the last VPD retreat in January 2007. This version of the TMS has been elaborated in order to temporarily replace the access version of the TMS. The previous version of the TMS has been tested during 3 years and a version 2 need to be elaborated taking in consideration all remarks. In a meantime, this excel version of the TMS has been elaborated as a transitional measure. It is a user friendly version. Getting information and data on vehicles from the field is the most difficult challenge. I recommend that you first concentrate on this part. In annex 1, you will find a form which will be use as a monthly report for each driver/vehicle. This form should be filled by the driver and sent to the central level where the information will be compiled on the TMS. Before using this software, you will need to make first your vehicle inventory which is included on this software on the next spreadsheet. I also suggest that you train all drivers on how to fill the vehicle monthly report form (annex 1) and that you setup a data collection system within the country. Compiling data on a monthly basis is recommended in order to avoid overload of work depending on the number of vehicle you manage. No data have to be entered in sheets "Annual report, Graph and Summary Average Indicators". Enter data in blue cells in spreadsheets from Jan to Dec ONLY. Good Luck! F. Urlep
Source: WHO