Production d’Énergie Électrique
Calculateur de consommation d'énergie

Energy Demand

General Data
Temperature °C
Altitude m
Solar daily irradiance kWh/m²/day
Calculation Settings
Local rated voltage n/a Vca
Local frequency n/a Hz
Appliance/Device Quantity P (W) S Max (VA) S Avg (VA) Working Hours Energy Cons. Class % of Total Demand
Morning Midday Afternoon Evening Night

Estimation of Needs

Energy Consumption per Day
Total n/a W a day
Low consumption devices (Class 1) n/a W a day
High consumption devices (Class 2) n/a W a day
Usefull energy / day n/a Wh
Usefull energy / night n/a Wh
Power Needed
Total n/a VA
Low consumption devices (Class 1) n/a VA
High consumption devices (Class 2) n/a VA
Average power necessary n/a VA


Additional Information
Voltage specification (single-P / 3-P)
Cable length between:
the generator and switchgear
the grid and switchgear
the switchgear and the main electrical dashboard
Wire Gauge recommendation:
between generator and switchgear n/a mm²
between grid and switchgear n/a mm²
between switchgear to dashboard n/a mm²
Size Recommendations
Size recommended (PRP) n/a KVA
Power (ESP) n/a VA
Voltage type n/a
Rated voltage n/a V
Rated frequency n/a Hz
Output circuit-breaker size n/a A
Estimated fuel consumption n/a l/h
Estimated oil consumption n/a l/h
(1 oil change every 250h) n/a l/250h

Battery System

Additional Information
Unit voltage V
Unit capacity Ah
Authorized discharge ratio (no less than 40%) %
Charge available time (minimum 4hours) h
Days of autonomy needed if no charge
Energy to accumulate n/a Wh
Voltage recommended n/a V
Number of batteries needed with the specifications provided n/a units
Type of conection n/a
Circuit breaker ideal size n/a A
Charger size at least n/a A

Solar System

Additional Information
Solar daily irradiance n/a kWh/m²/day
Usefull max power per day n/a Wc
Regulator size n/a A
Solar panels unit voltage (recommendation: n/aV)
Solar panels unit max power Wc
Minimum number of solar panels n/a
Recommended number of solar panels n/a
Solar charge controller: type of regulator n/a
Solar charge controller: rated voltage n/a V
Solar charge controller: unit max current n/a A
Solar charge controller: quantity n/a

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